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Hips here, the lush 比堅尼 figure is back in fashion, and the wide hips are everything, so read on, we’ll give you some ideas about which type of bikini is best for women with wider hips.

A woman with a thicker torso has more options, believe it or not, when it comes to bikinis than skinny torso, the reason is that fashion styles are changing and moving in the industry. Fashion gets a heavier and healthier look.

When it comes to bikinis with a wide thigh, one of our favorites is a round neckline bikini. The high-necked bikini style does two things: it lengthens and softens the torso, and the high neckline at the front tends to add depth and further lengthen the middle of the front. For both reasons, a round-necked bikini is definitely our favorite recommendation for a bikini with a wide thigh. These swimsuit swimsuits with an oval neckline will soften and accentuate your curves and give the torso the perfect look.

The next option is just thong swimming trunks. Back in the 60s, when bikinis first appeared, thongs were a fashion trend, and models with hips were preferred. Bikini thongs make the hips move smoothly, distract attention from the hips and attract more attention to the whole body, and in fact it is not the idea of a bikini, admiring the full set and not focusing on one area.

Bikinis with straps have become very popular in the fashion industry all over the world. As the fashion industry changes and figure-figure women become more in demand, strappy bikinis are attracting all the attention of visitors to beaches around the world. A bikini with multiple straps is the perfect choice if you are looking for a bikini with wide thighs. Multiple bands draw attention to the style, not to the area. Typically, a bikini with multiple straps covers most of the thighs for a more refined look.

If you are looking for extra protection, the vintage-style bikini is back. The bikini design of the late 50’s is back and really gaining momentum in the ring of Hollywood celebrities.

Bikini tankini is now in vogue for all types of physique, mainly because of the need to be less in the sun, but the styles, colors and patterns are incredibly diverse and sexy. Bikini tanks offer full coverage for a woman who just wants things to be covered. Today, many women still feel uncomfortable with their hips and prefer to maintain a more conservative look. This is especially unfortunate because the desired optimal bikini body turns into a more seductive look, but tankini in any case is a great choice.

One of the latest fashionable bikinis – molding bikini. These bikinis have a front design, but I have a scoop more V-shaped. This bikini with a V-shaped front and enlarged waist gives an incredibly slender look, which is not in other bikinis. This bikini is designed for women with wider hips and thighs. The tight bikini looks great in nature and is the perfect choice for women with a thick torso.

Skinny bikinis are even more opaque bikini style for more conservative women, but they are incredibly sexy and pretty versatile. You can relax with a drink by the pool during the happy hour or take a walk around the local shops. Like tankini, they come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns.

Finally, the most extroverts were swimsuits on thongs or thongs. Note that thongs and thong bikinis were originally created for hipster women. This not only distracts attention from the hip area, but in most cases completely eliminates the traditional look of the wider hip and gives it a more balanced look.

Of all the bathing suits a woman can have, ‘bikini swimsuit’ is one of the scariest words in the female dictionary, not because it’s hard to get or use, but because you need the right type of swimsuit to approach everyone individually. Body. However, if you know what to look for, a bikini can look good for almost any type of physique. Every woman must learn to hide her shortcomings and flaunt her body.

There are several ways to make sure you are using the right bikini swimsuit that suits your body and makes you look as good as you need, depending on the characteristics of your body shape, breast size and your ass. By studying your body’s characteristics with the following descriptions and recommendations, you can determine what is best for you.

Have a small breast

In high school, small breasts may have brought you fun and may have reduced your self-confidence, but these days designers easily glorify small breasts, especially on the catwalk. The vast majority of their models in bikinis, climbing uphill at fashion shows, have small breasts and show pride.

A way to improve the small breasts is to buy bikini swimsuits with sequins, ruffles and other jewelry, which usually add an extra layer of fabric to the swimsuit. This creates a pleasant illusion that your breasts are fuller. The use of triangular thong bikinis also enhances this illusion and improves the appearance due to the greater fullness of the breast, the smaller the triangular fabric, the larger the breast will be.

Have big boobs

Although women with large breasts do not often complain, there are those who complain only because of special problems that can arise due to a well-designed facade, especially when buying a bikini. One of the biggest problems for women with large breasts is the support and comfort that they are given the top of a bikini.
The best way to get around this problem is to wear bikini tops on the bones that provide some support and a little more cover your breasts for more comfort.

If you want to divert attention from your chest, the best way to make sure that your stockings stand out in one way or another is to do more detail on bikini swimsuits than on the tops. The scarf, which fastens the thighs of the bottom of the bikini, will help you look more stylish and attract additional attention.
If you have a small or big ass, there are some simple ways to improve your bikini look by choosing swimming trunks that will make you even more visible.

Have a little ass

In general, little ass doesn’t seem like a problem for most people, but for those who are concerned, the easiest way to allay your fears is to choose a swimsuit-bikini (http://www.continentalgirl .com) that you should know about the following information:

Strings and triangular bikini swimsuits often flatter your buttocks than shortened swimming trunks.
Additional decorations at the bottom of the swimsuit improve the shape
The use of frills will help fill the stucco, which lacks pulp.
Have big funds
For those who have more butt than we would like, it is important to divert attention from the buttocks and more – to the buttocks. By mixing and matching the color combinations of your bikini swimsuit to create a light-and-dark contrast between bottom and top, you have the opportunity to draw more attention to the top by making it more vibrant and attractive. so the background gets a little darker. The brighter the top, the more likely it is to attract more attention than the lower part of the bikini.

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